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The Mission

Ever since then our Art School has been providing various opportunities for students to display their art talents to their communities and to society at large.

Students works are published regularly in newspapers, public exhibitions and also have the chance to participate in a variety of art competitions in both the US and overseas.

With professional, modern and new innovative concepts in creative education, Art School will enable your child to develop:

  • an eye for discovery
  • a taste for artistic excellence
  • a spirit of exploration and innovation

The History

Our Art School practices a unique teaching technique based on key Eastern and Western art education systems.

This technique is devised by our teachers in order to rapidly develop artistic skills in children’s art classes at all ages.

Shortly after giving a birth to her 3rd child, Jenny Barrows has decided to launch a business delved into some artistic background. So in 1997 she founded this school…

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Our Testimonials

Always have something nice to say about us
Nickie O'Malley

” My son Max is a hyperactive kiddo! Basically, that was the initial reason for me to enroll him somewhere, where he can get all of his extra energy out! An Art school seemed like a perfect option for me, as it is both fun, interactive and useful for any child to attend! ”

Sarah Stone

“I and my wife were quite stressed out by the fact how conflicting did our teenage daughter’s been lately… Luckily, we were able to find your Art School, with painting lessons for teenagers! That kind of an activity made things calmer at our home!